Data Analytics and SEO


Data Driven Customer Experience

SWIFT provides you with the best SEO practice so you could do more than just analyse your selling. Reach the understanding level of customer behaviour with our technology and start mapping your products which meet with your customer’s needs.

You can have a full visibility over your merchandise (by category, position, products, and SKU) and of your customers interaction with your ecommerce website. Need a report? We allow you to extend each report so that you can completely focus on increasing sales and optimizing your marketing strategy. All of your data is in one place! (edited)

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Google Tag Manager and Analytics with Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking

With SWIFT, we make sure that your ecommerce shop is properly tagged with GTM and all the data layers to support ecommerce tracking. All of this comes standard along with other SEO essential practices such as:

  • Google XML Sitemap Generator

  • Rich Snippets (

  • SEO Page TItle Overwrite

  • and more