Performance and Scale

 Web performance provides customers seamless, instant, reliable, and secure access to online content from wherever they are and
whatever devices they are using


Leveraging robust and scalable cloud hosting Amazon AWS, we are making a scalable system so that you can focus what you do best which is selling your products. We fully understand that customer experience means life, so we really pay attention on your site’s performance.

  • powered by AWS and Cloudfront

  • varnish and redis included

  • easy to scale (horizontal scale)

  • option of separation of admin and web


Varnish and Redis

All our server architecture is fully equipped with proxy caching technology via Varnish to make sure content is delivered fast. Sessions are store in Redis to allow easy horizontal scale when needed.

Content Optimization

We leverage Cloudflare’s global Anycast network consisting of 180 data centers spans across 80 countries to reduce latency and time to first byte by delivering content closest to visitors. Furthermore, we optimize your web content on the fly by reducing payload size of your images

Load Balancing

Each SWIFT sites are load balance ready. So whenever you need more servers to cater your spike in visitors, we are ready to scale your site anytime. Even our basic plan can increase 6x capacity in the short amount of time