About Us



We are ecommerce omnichannel platform provider. Our vision is to help our retail merchants to “swiftly” implement and accelerate growth of their online business. We want to be your trusted technology partners, so that you can focus on your business and we bring you the best of the best in retail commerce technology. We are making sure that your platform keep up with your business growth and give you competitive edge against your competitors.

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Our platform is based on Magento Commerce, the most robust and flexible eCommerce Platform. With SWIFT, we make Magento implementation simple and perfectly tailored toward the need of merchants in Southeast Asia. Our over eight years of experience in the region allows us bring our expertise in retail omnichannel space into our solution. With Magento, the platform can scale and grow according to your business needs


Our goal is to develop global omnichannel eCommerce sites in a span of weeks and fully integrate with the ecosystem that we have built. Along with the rapid growth of technology, SWIFT adaptively continue to innovate its features and services.

Here's our key milestones:


August 2017

SWIFT commerce was officially announced. Our focus is to help mid-size merchants to launch omnichhanel sites within weeks complete with integration to payments and logistic partner in Indonesia

November 2017

Two months after we launched SWIFT commerce, we collaborated with Acumatica ERP in automating all business processes.

August 2018

SWIFT allows our merchant to integrate their business to marketplace via our marketplace adapter. At the same time, SWIFT also officially became Go-Jek’s partner.


November 2018

Collaborating with Go-Jek, SWIFT released Go-Pay and Go-Send feature as our core offerings. At the same time we started to release SWIFT platform for Singapore region

February 2019

New features from Magento 2 has been added, including the admin log that allows the admin setup process to be easier and scalabale. We partnered with NS8 to provide out-of-the box fraud prevention

APRIL 2019

Introduced SWIFT Loyalty by collaborating with TADA - a loyalty solution that provides omnichannel customer reward program. Through this collaboration, SWIFT strives to continuously increase customer loyalty and place them as a core of business. Now our merchants can reward their customers regardless which sales channel they purchase.


JUNE 2019

Together with Shipper.ID we launched SWIFT shipper. This allows all our merchants to tap into over 30+ logistic partners in Indonesia.

JULY 2019

Added integration with Twilio and Citcal to provide functionalities such as login via mobile number, OTP via SMS and Whatsapp, seamless notification messaging queue.

Coming SOON

  • Progressive Web App

  • SWIFT for Philippines market

  • and more


Over the past years, SWIFT has become a pioneer in optimizing ecommerce sites in SEA and developing omnichannel especially in Indonesia. Here are just the few of our clients: Hush Puppies, The Body Shop, Love Bonito, Coffee Grinders, Eiger, Erha, Kawan Lama, and many more. We continue to innovate and develop the right technology for you so you could successfully leverage your business in the high-competitive ecommerce era. In this fast growing industry, our commitment remains the same; Ecommerce Made Easy.