Security is Key

We provide a platform which security
becomes our top priority


SWIFT is delivered as Platform as a Service (PaaS) which guarantees that you will get your own dedicated environment. Not to mention that we also make sure that your shop is running the latest Magento version with all its security patches applied.

  • hosted at AWS

  • platform as a service

  • firewall and ddos protection

  • automated deployment

  • latest Magento with all its security patches

  • fraud and spam detection




NS8 Protect defends your shops from order fraud, advertising fraud, and poor performance

Every SWIFT now includes NS8 Protect built-in to protect your site from fraud and spam visitors. We help you to create custom tailored rules on how do you want to handle this unwanted visitors. Let NS8 use behavioral analytics and real-time scoring to optimize and protect your shop against threats.


Security is Our Top Priority

Each shop with SWIFT will have its own dedicated environment where security is not compromised. Combined that with best practices such as end-to-end https standard, password policy, limited access, we make sure your site is well-protected. We also partnered with CloudFlare to bring you protection against unwanted attack