The Omnichannel Platform for Everyone



With the rich ecosystem that is ready to use, you can do more than just selling online. Start bring your business online in matter of weeks.


Rich Ecosystem Under One Roof

SWIFT provides the rich omnichannel ecosystem under one roof. While we manage the technology platform for you, focus on building features and integrating multiple systems to create a seamless commerce experience, you can focus on running your business and create relationship with your customers.


Single Solution

Omnichannel solution that can be “Swiftly” implemented

We created SWIFT to accelerate your digital omnichannel business. With as short as four weeks you can have your e-commerce site up and running complete with all the features and integration you need. We have over 20+ payments methods and over 30+ shipping partners that ready to be used from day one.


Customer Loyalty

Building customer loyalty through omnichannel is the only way to reach the best experience customer journey

We provide one single customer loyalty program that connects all your sales channel together. This allows you to reward your customers regardless where they shop creating a seamless customer experience.


Data Analytics
and SEO

Google Analytics and More

SWIFT includes all best practices from Google Tag Manager completes with data layer. We also incorporates social media rich snippets as well as well-construct meta data structure for search engine index.


Security is Key

We provide a platform which security becomes our top priority

SWIFT is delivered as Platform as a Service (PaaS) which guarantees that you will get your own dedicated environment where security is not compromised. Not to mention that we also make sure you run the latest Magento versions with all its security patches. We also partners with technology such as CloudFlare and NS8 to bring extra security and fraud prevention.

Well, the bottom line your site is all safe!.


Performance and Scale

Uncompromising cloud solution regardless your business size

Leveraging robust and scalable cloud hosting, we are making sure that your site is can grow as much as your business grows. You can focus on what you do best, which is selling your products without worry about the infrastructure. We fully understand that customer experience means life..


Mobile Optimized

We cater mobile-first generation

Two in three teens make purchases online and of those, more than half are making purchases on their phones. This is how important mobile friendly site to your business. From out of the box, we make sure our SWIFT solution not only works well in any devices, but also optimized. We also invest in technology such as Progressive Web Apps and Native mobile apps.


Omnichannel Ready

Unify your customer journey regardless the channel they engage in

Omnichannel is about having a unify customer experience and you need a platform that brings your sales touch points, your inventory and your logistic altogether in one cohesive environment.


Empowering Business Owners Everywhere


Our all-in-one platform gives you everything you need to run your business

Whether you’re just getting started or are an established brand, our powerful platform helps your business grow.


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